I did it

I challenged myself to at least one thing.

It wasn’t big. But, it counts.

I have been wanting so badly to make my Jamberry business work.

One day I will get all pumped and want to really start putting some serious effort into success.

Then the following day a kid gets sick, then I get sick. Bills aren’t going to get paid and the stress just has your brain going through all possible outcomes. Or an old dog has become increasingly tough to handle.

There is always some obstacle that pops up to knock any positivity out of me.

And that there my friends is an excuse. In which I used to boast about making no excuses and going after what I wanted.

I lost that spark. I lost that fire.

I can not believe the path of destruction my divorce left.

But, Today, Today I did one thing different.

I exposed myself a little.

I made little packages, only 5 and left them in the mailroom. A flyer, business card, some samples and application instructions. Just as a test run.

A few hours later, I went to get the mail and they were all gone.

I have a feeling they did not disappear the way that I intended.

But, I did it. I did something I have been making excuses not to do.

I need to make more and I need to take them with me whenever I go.

And tomorrow, something else.


Best Jamicure Ever! 

I love them so much I just had to share! 😍 (Chalkboard Hearts and Gray and Silver Stripe)

That is why I love Jamberry so much. I can do and create whatever my “heart” desires. It is so much fun, creative and your options are endless. It doesn’t cost as much as going to a salon and you can change them whenever you wish, at home. 

My new adventure

I am not usually one to give into home sales gimmicks, but for me, I was impressed, excited and felt that I had an opportunity to pass that on to others. 

I recently became an Independent Jamberry Consultant. If you have never heard of them ladies, I urge you to check it out. I have heard of them, but never tried them. 

They are home applied nail wraps that come in many designs and colors. My first application has been on for nearly two weeks now. I have even changed my nailpolish color, and the wraps are still going. 

I don’t get manicures or pedicures that often. Money and time is the biggest issue. 

But, these things are great. I am not super girly either. But, for me, having cute nails is an expression of my personality. 

So, when I tried a sample, I fell in love. Not being able to work outside the home, because my girls come first, I figured I would give this a try. 

Can I fully support my family, probably not. But, to help would be a great triumph for me. My girls are my life. They are my motivation to succeed at something. 

Hoping I don’t fall flat on my face as I have with other things in the past. 

So, if anybody is interested, check me out, and check out what Jamberry has to offer!