Cops, black, white, purple…

I am not married to a cop anymore. I can tell you it is a great sense of relief on so many levels. 

With all the shit and chaos going on, I feel the need to express my feelings to a larger audience. 

I gotta say, that nobody is born racist or with hate in their hearts. It is learned. 

People often say, that they do not like to be stereotyped. Well, then quit going with the crowd and break the mold. 

Not all cops are racist, much like not all black people are criminals, or all Muslims are terrorists. 

But, if you feed into the stereotypes, be prepared to be labeled.

I lived with a cop for 12 years. 12 years of my life where I was forced to often take on the role of both mom and dad, because he worked the streets to make sure our community was safe. 

It didn’t matter the color of your skin. If you called, he would be there. 

But, time and time again, there was a pattern. The black community had no respect, just because they hold a grudge. Not all of course. But, when there was a gunshot victim, 95% of the time, the color of their skin made them a statistic. 


Nobody really knows. 

There is scum everywhere. There is way more injustice and crime and hate that doesn’t make the news. 

He dealt with situations that almost made him want to puke. People molesting or abusing their children. Rapes and assault. 

These faces have no color, because it is not a black/white thing. Some people are just damaged. 

What is unfortunate is that the media helps to spread the hate. They stereotype and point fingers better than anybody else. 

And because we are inidated with their words, we tend to believe it and accuse or judge prematurely. 

Sadly, as a cops wife, you learn to hate everyone, because all walks of life can do bad things. Not just black. Not just Muslim. 

I quit watching the news many years ago. I was sick of the bad things, and sick of the media forcing their judgements down my throat. 

Let’s just live people. Not all cops are bad. Not all black people are criminals. 

The great divide we have created is going to cause a civil war. And for what. 

Thank a cop for what they do. Thank a black man for holding the door on the way out of the local coffee shop. Thank a Muslim for letting you cut in when there is traffic. Thank a mom for picking up the pacifier your kid just tosssed to the ground. Thank a dad for helping you carry your groceries when you are pushing a stroller. Thank an old man for letting you cut ahead of him in line because you only have a few things. Thank an old lady for complimenting you on how darling your kids are. 

There are good people everywhere. You just have to find them and not judge them before they act or speak. 

We all came into this world the same way. Nobody is better than the other. 

Just live people. Just live.