How do you title this? 

Much like my writing, my exercising has also been sporadic. 

But, I am having another good day today. 

I am 16 weeks today. I have about 4 more until my next ultrasound. Hopefully we find that we have a healthy baby, and perhaps know better how to address baby Meyers. 

So, today I did some working out, the best I could without being in a gym. 

I know that I have gained weight. I also know that it is all worth while, and I know how to handle it, when all is said and done. 

I have tons of before and after shots and progress pics that I can use as motivation. 

I have done this before, I know I can do it again. 

This being one of them: 

Hard work doesn’t scare me. It challenges me. It drives me. 

All in all, I am becoming anxious to have this baby in my arms. I still have so much more to go. 

Been feeling tiny movements lately. Over the next two weeks the baby apps say the baby will double in size. 

Hoping then I can share those movements with Todd. 

He is a first timer, this is all new and exciting for him. 

I have been excited every time. 

No matter what hell you go through, it is all worth it in the end. 

A supreme joy that you can not compare to anything else. 

The best thing you can do is try to enjoy the journey. 

I puked up almost every meal for weeks.

My skin has been a mess. Dry. Oily. Breaking out. 

My pants have been getting tighter. 

My hair has gotten thicker and in deperate need of an overhaul. 

My back has gotten tighter and my skin has gotten looser. 

Some nights when I try to sleep insomnia steps in, or total discomfort keeps me tossing and turning. 

I may complain, but it is all part of the beautiful disaster that pregnancy truly is.

The instant and unconditional love you have when that baby is placed before you erases all the obstacles along the way. 



I have been feeling really good and motivated lately. 

Yesterday I took a walk. For exercise purposes. 

Working out, training, exercising…all have been the furthest thought on my mind. 

Not to say that it doesn’t bother me, I miss being active. But, a shitstorm has been crushing me. Yes, I have been making excuses. 

I used to always say that you make excuses to find the easy way out, and that is true. I just totally lost my way. 

In that, i admit, I wanted the easy way out, because I just didn’t have the strength and motivation to tackle everything. I had to prioritize. 

But, I am starting to gain strength again. 

Took that same walk today. Instead of walking the whole way, I jogged the last half of the distance back to the house. 

Everything is one day at a time. 

I am pregnant, so I must be careful. I have been having serious sciatica nerve pain and problems, so I don’t want to aggravate that. I also don’t want to let it win, and have me mostly on my ass or in bed for the next 6 months. 

I have gained 13 lbs. More than probably I should have at this point. Yes, the doritos are great. The french fries and sour gummi worms are awesome. Will I still have some. Of course, I am human after all. But, I am going to be more careful with my choices. 

Also, because I had gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. So, I am a greater risk this time.

But, like I said, one day at a time. 

I feel good today though. I know the crap around me isn’t going to completely disappear. 

But, I feel good today. 

23 days

I challenged myself 23 days ago to improve my life. It was more than just getting back in shape. 

It was about me facing my problems and doing something about them. 

So far, the gym has been the last thing on my mind. 

My progress begins with facing the biggest fear I have ever had in life. 

It has been a tough transition for us all. We just need to realize that people were hurt, shit was said and we can’t hit undo. We have to be adults and just cut the shit! (Shit is my word of the day today, by the way, seems I have been using it alot!)

So there! 

See, I am a funny girl, but I could never be less than a good mother, and I would always protect my girls. I never break a promise, just ask my oldest. I have only let her down once, and that was because I ended up in the hospital with double lung pneumonia. 

So, on that note, todays triumph was a personal one, and honestly, I think we all won. 

But then, the next improvement is finding another suitable home that isn’t taking us broke. 

So, by the end of this month, we are moving yet again. Hopefully, the last stop for awhile. And again, in this situation, everybody wins! 

That is all I really have for now. One day at a time. 

But, a few last words…

Life sucks. But, don’t let the “life sucks” stuff ruin all the good stuff. Once I tackled my fears, I realized that I am happy. I am content with life in general. There will be shitstorms, some that might get you to your breaking point, but you have done so well so far. All god wants for you is to keep trying. 

Much love! 


Personal challenge

It has been quite some time since I have added anything new here. 

Part of me was just disgusted and wanted to avoid everyone. 

Another part of me just didn’t have anything to say. 

Starting today, I begin a new journey to get the rest of my life back. 

Divorce is done, even though there are still custody issues, but I really have no more excuses other than I became lazy. That is not me. 

I am in control of my own life. Each day I wake up, it is up to me to make decisions that will affect how my day goes, how my life goes. 

I will not allow anyone or anything to hold me back. I have a lot of work to do. 

I really became derailed after my divorce, but I feel like it is time to take control again. 

I know it won’t be perfect, and I know I will have days where I struggle, but I am keeping the mindset that it is my life, my choices and I tell the tale. 

I am not going to write here every day, but I plan to update my progress as I need to. Not only to motivate others, but to hold myself accountable and to celebrate my triumphs. 

This is an entire life make over. I want to be healthy again. Started smoking when I got separated. Quit working out. I want to succeed at my Jamberry business. Be a great mom and role model for my 3 girls. 

Enough is enough. One day at a time. I will get back to where I was and more. 

I have great family and people in my life. Todd never gives up on me. It is time to be brave and do amazing things. 

I know what needs to be done. 

Beauty and the Beast

I have been thinking about writing this for days. I wanted to make sure I had uninterrupted time to devote to what I want to say. 

This post is not about arrogance. It is a post about reality, truth, love and a story. 

We all find in life that when we can relate to something, it gives us a sense of familiarity. 

So, here is where it begins. 

Todd and I have had a rocky time of things since the beginning. 

I feel like we are constantly being tested to see what can finally bring us down. 

We both have our faults, which are often magnified by surrounding obstacles.

One day it clicked for me. We are pretty much a real life “Beauty and the Beast”. 

I am not saying I am as beautiful as Belle. It is more so the symbolism of the story. 

I am the kind, loving and caring part, and he is the tough, guarded and no nonsense part. 

The love that they have developed for one another is unmistakable and true. But, as different as they were, they were very much the same, but showed it and lived it different ways. 

I firmly believe that Todd is my soulmate. He is my best friend, and I can not imagine my life without him. 

Just like Sharon and Ozzy. 

Sometimes I also feel like the movie “Hancock”. When they get too close, even though they love each other, it weakens them. 

Therefore, we are working on us, we are working on ourselves. We are hoping that couples therapy will help us understand eachother better, so we can have our happily ever after. 

He is my world, aside from my girls. There is not one thing that I look at him and say to myself, “wow, I hate that”. There are some things that need work, for both of us, but, I haven’t grown tired of having him around. I look forward to seeing him every day, and I constantly worry that eventually he is going to realize that all this crap is not worth it and he is better off flying solo.

I firmly believe that my previous marriage was a step I needed to take at the time. Not saying I married a man that I despised at the time, just saying that I never truly belonged, and I needed that journey to strengthen me, help me realize who I am, and to finally go after what I really wanted. 

It all began with the gym. Three kids later, two of which were literally back to back, I gave something that scared me a chance.

I spent many years feeling lost. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. Each year becoming more and more miserable. Coasting through life with no direction.

Where did I belong? 

After going for a few years and basically doing it all on my own, I felt a sense of self again. I felt alive. 

Somebody else identified with me. He noticed me and my drive and my desire for something he also truly loved. 

I didn’t expect it to happen. I didn’t plan it. It just happened. It has been a tough road ever since. I didn’t do it for money, or lust. I did it for love and the need to feel complete and alive again.

This is where we were….

And we will be back on top again. 

With everything going on lately, it has been so easy to lose focus. But, a quote that a friend posted the other day, really helped me to put things into perspective. 

“On particularly rough days, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that’s pretty good.”

So, we are going to make it. No matter what bullshit is thrown in our way, we got this. 

We need to focus on us. We need to stop allowing outside sources to infect our lives. 

This picture was taken right when the madness began. That closeness and adoration has not changed one bit.

But, quite often with all the chaos, it is easy to forget where it all began. 

Every challenge is a test of strength and love. We have made it this far. Now it is time for us to test ourselves and become better than we once were. 

I love you Todd. Nothing in this world could ever change that. 

It has been awhile…

So, I have been busy handling some shit. 

I have come to find that I am never going to just have peace. No matter what it is, I have to fight for it. Nothing falls into place for me.

On a side note, I didn’t intend to come on here and bore people with my problems today. 

Today I want to share a picture with you. 

I hear a lot about women who are reluctant to lift. They don’t want to be all bulky. Trust me, unless you are pumping substances into your body, you won’t end up looking like She-Hulk. 

My arms are probably my best success. Right now anyways. You can tell I am fit, but until I am flexing, I don’t look like I have guns. 

I can not stress enough how important it is to build muscle as you are working out. Please do more than cardio. Even if it is light weights. 

You will enjoy it too and feel empowered. 

Mind + Muscle Connection

If you have never heard of it, it might be one the most important things to remember while training. 

Visualize the muscles you are training. If you don’t know what muscles you are working, then you have bigger problems. 

I guarantee that if you use your mind to hone in on the muscles in play, you will feel them working. 

Don’t just pull and tug stuff while you are working out. Form is also very important, or you will be working muscles that are not your target. This could cause strain, premature tiredness, and ineffectual training.

If you have no clue what you are doing, ask for help to avoid injury and maximize your workout.