Starting the next chapter

A new chapter had already begun a little over a year ago. 

I just let the pages turn. 

It is just a lamp. Turning it off was very difficult. We kept it on in the basement so that Noel had some light while she hung out down there. I was downstairs vacuuming and realized it didn’t need to be left on anymore. I feel like a large piece of my life has ended. True it may be a good thing, but I am losing parts of my past that were still happy and special. I guess when one chapter ends, a new one begins. Since I am the author, it is up to me to fill the pages the best that I can now. 



I have had Noel since 2003. She was an early Christmas present shortly after I got married. She was always my buddy. Slept with me or near me most nights. Years ago she began having seizures when stressed. Moving, remodeling…I think she had one that she couldn’t recover from. I didn’t get to pet her soft fur. I didn’t get to do nose rubs. I didn’t get to nestle our heads together one last time. She was always just here. Her presence will be missed greatly for a long time. The end of my marriage last year, and the end to my furry friend this year. 

Now, to figure out how to tell the girls after they get back from vacation. 

Drew this, I have never been a great realistic artist. My drawing does her cuteness no justice, but it is not horrible.