Divorce…I don’t recommend it

If you are truly unhappy, and you have expressed your feelings and nothing has changed, divorce is always an option. 

But, if you are not good with dealing with stress, I urge you to find an alternative. Sorry, I don’t have an answer for what that alternative could be. 

Let’s face it, most divorces are not amicable. There is a lot of tension, anger, hate, mistrust, court, money being thrown away….

It is just nasty, and unless you strongly believe it will all be ok, think about it before you do it. 

I would never change the fact that I am divorced. I am much happier with who I am, which is extremely important, but all the chaos that comes with it, is enough to really take you down. 

I hope and pray daily that the evilness will subside and I will be able to move on and live my life peacefully…

It has been nearly a year since my divorce was finalized, it is just getting uglier. 

The moral of the story is, be prepared to give everything you have, especially if children are involved. Don’t make mistakes like I did and think that your ex is your friend. He will stab you in the back in an instant to make himself look better. Don’t say anything nasty, even though you feel you might burst at the seams if you don’t get it out. 

Be ready for tears and bad days. Strap your armor on tight, raise your shield and be ready for the attacks. 

Of course this doesn’t apply to all divorces. When people say they parted on good terms, you get a weird look on your face like you just smelled something disgusting. 

I have birthed three kids. My last who came out in 9 mins and fractured my pelvis. I have been through multiple surgeries. But, of all the things I have gone through in life, divorce and the aftermath has been the most difficult. 

It is a test of will and character and inner strength like no other. Nothing can prepare you for what could and has happened. 

You pick yourself up and continue. One day, one moment at a time is the only way. 


One thought on “Divorce…I don’t recommend it

  1. Thank you for sharing, so far things are going to bit too well. I do fear at the moment of truth the mobster will appear, mostly because he’s had a year of coaching from the OW and his lanlord/friend twice divorced–God help me!


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