So, I was thinking last night how I can symbolically relate to a butterfly. 

I had to go through the cocoon phase in order to fly. 

I had to be trapped. I had to wait, and mature, and learn. 

I knew all along that I was destined for something bigger. 

I lost hope for awhile, waiting for the transformation to happen. 

I didn’t feel like myself. I felt lost. I felt withdrawn. 

All I needed was for the time to be right. 

I finally broke free! 

I feel alive. I feel free. I have more spirit now than ever. I feel more beautiful, more outgoing, more positive. 

That cocoon needed to happen to get to this point. I had to realize my potential, my worth, my strength. 

No regrets, full speed ahead. Showing the world what I got. 

That is what life means to me! 

I am a better person. Kinder person. Happier person. 

I was trapped. Time passing, waiting for that chance to finally spread my wings and fly. 

Now is the time.