I have dreams…

I have dreams in life. Just like everybody else. 

I have things I want to accomplish. 

I have dreams of one day owning my own home. Being able to call it mine, ours. Not having to move again. Be able to do what I wish with the house. Settle and live. 

I have dreams of getting rid of my debt and not having anxiety about how I am going to pay all the bills. 

I have dreams of being successful and happy with what I do. I have always wanted to work in a flower shop and be creative. I love being creative in general and wish I could use those talents to support my family.

I wouldn’t even mind being a receptionist or secretary or whatever they call them these days. The organizing and keeping track of things makes me happy. 

I have dreams about getting some sort of college degree, just to know I did it. 

I love to write. I always wanted to be a newpaper columnist or write for a magazine. 

I love taking pictures! 

I’d like to skydive one day, see a real tornado, swim with dolphins, and get back to Jamaica. 

I feel like a failure most days. I know, I know, I take care of my girls and that is not failing. 

I need more. I need a bigger purpose, I have so much to share and offer. 

As much as I see myself as unique, I don’t stand out at all. 

I often wonder if the days are going to continue to go by and I continue to accept that my dreams and wants and desires are never going to come to fruitition. 

I need something big. I need something great to save me. Give me hope. Give me reason to believe that when the time is right, some of my dreams will come true. 


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