Not the time

After a heated altercation with my ex and his girlfriend, I had decided that that was the icing on the cake. There were other factors in play. I filed for mediation.

We attended one mediation session where he was combative and uncooperative.

At that point, I was given the option to take it straight to court, or to file for a conciliation session. That is basically mediation with court appointed officials involved. 

I had four months to decide my next step. At first, I was all about taking it to the next level. 

Then peace arrived. 

I no longer meet her to exchange the girls, how bad does that sound. She threatened bodily harm on me.

I no longer text him or vice versa unless it is something that needs attention immediately. 

We only email stuff about the girls and their schedules. 

There has been no fighting, no arguing, no verbal abuse and attacks. 

For now, I need this peace. 

More importantly, the girls have some peace. They sometimes get sad about things. 

Pushing the custody thing right now is not worth it. 

Things have been calm, and at this point, it would be selfish of me to pursue the situation further, just to win or prove him wrong. 

I will be vigilant. I will keep tabs. If there is ever a major cause for concern involving my girls, you better believe I will pick up my weapons and head into battle. 

We have 50/50 custody. I don’t agree with the fact that the majority of the time they are with him, he is at work, but my strategy is not to hurt the girls. 

Right now, it is working. We all need this peace. 

These faces are what matters. Not my grudges. 


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