When you find that person who is truly you, and your other half, you also find yourself. 

I was once at a comfortable phase of life with myself. I was unique, outgoing, filled with laughter and smiles. I enjoyed my creativity, listening to music, adventure. 

I had my faults. I had problems with self esteem, I was out of control with partying. 

But, I was mostly happy with my inner self. I was content with being different. It is what pushed me to overcome peoples impressions of me. It helped me find friends, not just aquaintances. 

Something was missing. Stability perhaps. 

I lost all the qualities that made me “me”. I felt no enjoyment in the things I used to like. I felt trapped and unable to move freely. 

It wasn’t necessarily the kids. Of course once you have them, life changes forever. But, it was more so with me. The loss was because I wasn’t with that other half that made us whole together. 

I didn’t realize how disconnected I was with myself until I met someone who just slipped into place and made me feel alive again. 

True, people get hurt along the way to self discovery. We all did. You have fear of the unknown. Fear of the change. But, you can not settle for or fight for what is not meant to be. 

As it has been over a year, I have been thinking about how much everything has changed and what I have learned about myself and life in general.

I smile and laugh more, that is for sure. Thanks babe! My creativity has come back to me. I look at the trees right now and see a beauty I would like to paint. 

I have ideas and solutions. I am more spontaneous. I try new things. I am just as strong and independent as I thought I was. 

I enjoy listening to music again, remember how I liked the drum line in one song, and the vocals are amazing in another. 

I have an stronger desire to care for my family, because now my eyes are wide open and can see what is most important in life. 
People may talk. People may make assumptions. People will turn their backs on you. But, just remember, nobody but you walks in your shoes. Life is not about settling. Life is about living and improving. 

Commend me for that. Commend me for not giving up on happiness. Forget how I got there. Just know that I am a better person, and if given the chance, I will prove it. 


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