Why I love you

Hang on folks, this is going to be really sappy. But, also very honest and real. 

I love you because you make me smile, and even better make me laugh until I snort. 

I love the way you slowly bend your head towards me without a word because you want a kiss. 

I love your lips and your smile. The little grin you give me when you glance at me. 

I love your genuine laugh when we both find things funny, and when you see how much I am laughing. 

I love when your eyes light up when you walk through the front door and see me there. 

I love that you encourage me and support me when I am excited about something. 

I love that you are also honest and a great sounding board when I am confused about something or wrong. 

I love that you are as strong willed as me. It sometimes causes us problems, but I respect that you are confident and tough.

I love it when I see the girls wanting to hug you and cuddle with you. 

I love that you say goodnight to each of them, and goodbye when you leave for the day. 

I love it when you think of me and bring me a treat or little gift.

I love your muscles and your desire to be in the gym with me. 

I love the way you look in hats. 

I love the mystery about you and how I was so curious about you for over a year before we first talked.

I love when you send me texts to say “i love you”, or “miss you”. 

I love when you want to hug me, kiss me, or cuddle me out of the blue. 

I love that you need me and want me and aren’t afraid of me without make up. 

I love that you know our connection. That soulmates do exist. 

There are so many reasons why I love you. I could go on and on. Just know these  reasons here, and the many more I could probably think of. 

Know that when I say “I love you”, it is not just words. There are so many facets to it.

Remember this always, from day to day. Good times and bad. We got this! It was meant to be. 


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