The Scarlet Letter

Let me tell you something, I shouldn’t have to feel like Hester Prynne at the places I go. 

Yes, I left my husband for my personal trainer. Yes, it was abrupt and messy. 

I was a miserable person who just so happened to really connect with a guy I seen several times a week at the gym. 

Perhaps these adults need to quit outcasting me and realize that I am a far more happier person. 

Sabotaging my business cards and samples is childish. Those things cost me money. I would never do that to someone elses stuff, even if I hate them. 

The avoidance of eye contact, your body language and facial expressions only proves guilt. 

I can only imagine the whispers behind my back or the gossiping when I leave. 

I just want to live my life and not feel like I am being punished. 

People need to quit labeling me like they have all my life. I am human like everybody else. Different, but the same. 

My feelings get hurt, I get angry, I bleed, I cry. 

Move on. It was over a year ago. People separate and divorce all the time. 

Why is my situation any different. 

I refuse to wear the red letter “A”. 


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