Jack of all trades

After my post yesterday, I thought to myself, “holy shit, I do a lot”.

Landscape, cut grass, fix things (and usually not half ass either, unless the situation only leads me to do a half ass fix). 

I cook, a lot of times from scratch. I clean furniture and carpets. Re-arrange furniture. 

I take care of kids and pets. 

I am crafty and creative. I taught myself how to crochet. 

I lift weights and Train. I can hang with the boys. I like cars and motorcycles. 

I have just gotten used to doing things myself, and I enjoy being independent. Therefore, I never leave anything for Todd to do when he gets home. 

I am a pretty well rounded person. 

I am not super intelligent, because us right brained people are bored with math and sciences. 

I am not stupid either. I have taken quite a few college credits. But, I could never pinpoint what I should be doing. 

Unfortunately, my talents and abilities are worth just about nothing in the big, bad, world. 

But, I guess on the other hand, that is what makes me unique. I was voted “Most Unique” my senior year of highschool. 

I know my daughters appreciate it. Their smiles are what lights my fire. I know that I have a place in this world. I just don’t think it has a specific name like, secretary or doctor. I know my title is mom, but not sure what that other title would be. 


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