Sometimes I just need to hear it…

Sometimes I need someone to take notice of all the sacrifices I make. I don’t work out of the home, so that my girls are well taken care of. So they don’t grow up in daycare or with someone else. (Not saying it is a bad thing, just saying I prefer it that way). 

I do laundry and cleaning and cooking and appointments, and running kids here and there, and homework help and everything else in between. You know, when I am not fulfilling the neverending demands of the kids. 

My life revolves around the lives of the people I love. I think of them always before myself. 

Sometimes, I just need a pat on the back and for someone to tell me I do a great job. 

I do things with care. Like this morning, instead of handing Kira her mask (she has asthma and does a breathing treatment each morning), I let her sit on my lap and held it for her. I help them get bathed and dried and dressed. I brush and dry their hair instead of sending them to bed with it wet. 

You are a great mom! 

Sometimes I need to be told that I am special, pretty, awesome, loved. 

Sometimes I just don’t want to assume that. 

Sometimes I want to be spolied and fussed over. 

I don’t want to feel like old news. 

Sometimes I need that boost. 

I work so hard to make everyone happy. 

What about me? 

That’s all I want. To be appreciated. To feel needed and loved and wanted. 

I think I am worth it…


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I just need to hear it…

  1. Sounds like you’re doing a spectacular job. Keep it up. I’m sure it’s not the same as being told in person, but I can tell from your writings you are a good person and wonderful mother.


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