I have been told that I have no filter. In a way it is true. I never hold back my feelings. If I am mad at you, you will know. Although, sometimes I do turn on my filter. I do often think of other people’s feelings. 

I am not a monster. I am just real. I tend to say the things that other people wish they had the courage to say. When important, I tell it like it is. My thoughts and feelings come pouring out if I have a strong conviction to the matter. 

The people who truly know me will accept it. Others will get offended. 

We have become too sheltered in this world. Always holding back or coddling. Why are we trying to raise a nation of weak? 

That is why sometimes people are offended by me. They haven’t had enough taste of the real world to know how to handle life. 

I don’t go around hurting peoples feelings. That is never the object. But, I am straightforward. I offer a different point of view sometimes. I debate. I never attack. I am just real. If you don’t like the answers or comments I give, then don’t ask me. People are offended because they don’t necessarily expect the truth. 

That is not me. I may have no filter, which some may view in a poor light. But, there is no mystery to me. What you see is what you get. 


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