It’s not about the money

Ever since me and my ex separated, money has been his focus. 

In the beginning he withheld money. Only alloting me $500 dollars every two weeks to take care of my girls. 

Now, I have to remind him every two weeks to give me the money we agreed on in the divorce agreement. 

What got me really thinking about this today was when I dropped my middle daughter off at preschool, the school director stopped me to ask about who I was paying for next year. 

Somehow I think I got screwed. In the divorce agreement, I am responsible for my middle daughter, Harley. I am able to claim her on my taxes. But, I get nothing in return. I now have to pay for her to do 5 day preschool which costs a lot more than what he will be paying for my youngest to go for 3 days. My oldest also has no tuition. 

Must be nice to almost make 6 figures and take on the smallest of responsibilities. He complains about the child support and alimony. Like I am living like a queen. I have 3 lives to take care of. He has a motorcycle, project car, guns, gunsafe and whatever else.

Must be nice to still live well and bitch about giving me the money to care for our children. 

He tells me I need to get a job. Why? So I can not be around like him, and have someone else raise my girls? Absolutely not. 

He had the nerve to mention my boob job in mediation. He didn’t pay for it, so what does he care. It is all about money to him. 

My focus is the girls’ lives. It should be for him too. Sadly, he does everything in his power to try to punish me for leaving him. 

I have made mistakes. I accept them and learn from them. He refuses to believe and take any blame for the way things went down. 

My conscience is clean. If he continues on the path of spite, he is only going to cause his girls to want to push him away. 

Being a parent and selfishness do not go hand in hand. Who is the real child here? 


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