Hold on

In recent days, I have been reminded about how precious life is. 

We go about our day to day. Most people don’t even think about the what ifs. That is normal, and it is always good to be prepared, but sometimes things happen that there is no way to prepare for. Plus, you can not dwell on the maybes. 

A dear friend of mine, lost her husband who just turned 40, to a rare brain aneurysm. 

I have been online friends with her for over 8 years. We found eachother in a moms forum because we were both pregnant at the time. My oldest and her son are about 2 weeks apart. 

Connections can be made, friendships can form, regardless if you have physically met that person or not. 

Her husband treated her like a queen. They had a relationship that most of us wish we had. They adored eachother. It was evident through her posts and the ones he shared with her. Their ten year relationship was like a fairytale. 

I can not fix this. I feel helpless and hurt myself that she has to endure this. 

Just remember how fragile life can be. Hold on to the little things, enjoy as many moments as you can with the people you love. Every day is a new day. Realize the struggles, accept defeat, move on. Find the joy, find the laughter. Feed off of it. You never know if those things will be there the next. 

That is why I do my best to give my girls the best life possible. Things can get ugly after divorce. Especially when the other party seeks to bring you down. Don’t allow anyone to steal your light. Live the best you can. Appreciate what you have and find a way to turn the shit into something more positive. 

We only have one chance at life. 

I love you Traci. I wish I had the power to change things. I wish I could take your pain away. Just know, I am always here for you as you are for me. 


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