I did it

I got to the gym today. I felt good enough to not wait until me chest xray and follow up doctors appointment. I still have this slight pain, or jolt if you will, on my lower left side when I inhale deeply or move a certain way. I don’t know what it is, but it wasn’t bothering me enough to quit. 

Pneumonia is no joke, I guess especially as bad as I had it. 

I am so happy to feel better. Every time I get on the right path again with my workout schedule and eating, something new comes along and knocks me down. 

I lose my way for a bit, but I want to get back to one of the major things in my life that makes me happy. 

Today is a start. Going to do my meal prep for the next few days and try to keep on track. 

Tomorrow is leg day, for me it is brutal, but also the most rewarding. I love the challenge. I love the challenge no matter what I am doing at the gym. 

Just remember, no matter your status in life, mom, dad, old, young….If you want something bad enough, you won’t make excuses. You will just do it. Be proud that you made the decision to make a change instead of accepting it how it was. 



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