So, this posting on facebook had me thinking. I had to give it a hell yeah! 

This goes for stay at home dads, single dads and moms….whoever takes on the giant roll of homemaker and caregiver. 

I hear it all the time. “I wish I could stay home all day.” I lived the “what did you do all day?” life for a decade. 

Let me tell you something, I sacrifice constantly. Sleep, food, cleanliness, not only of myself but the house. I sacrifice freedom and friendships, hobbies and peace. Not because I don’t have choice, but because I chose to be a mom. There is no one or nothing that comes first in my life other than my girls. Plain and simple. 

Do I sometimes complain? Of course I do. I am human, I get tired, I get sick, I get stressed just like everybody else. Maybe I do have the freedom of not needing to brush my teeth or get out of my pj’s until I can find a moment, which often gets interrupted. But, those of you who think we do nothing or have it easy are out of their minds. 

From the moment I wake up to the next day I wake up, I am on the job. Children often have nightmares or can’t sleep themselves. Try juggling three kids with school, and appointments, and extra curicular activites. Then, the real fun is the chaos in between. One kid who is potty training, pees themself, while another is jumping across the furniture after you have repeatedly told them not to. Then another is asking help with homework. That is only one scenario. 

The cooking, the laundry, homework, bathtime, teethbrushing, cuddling, coloring, game playing, movie time…. Mommy can I have a drink, can I have a snack, where are my pants, I pooped in my underwear, I spilled my drink, the dog ate my snack, I got a boo boo, I lost my book…..

Me! What about me? For so long, I lost this person. I felt bad for even thinking about wanting to get my nails done or get a haircut. I would look through the clearance sections when I went shopping for everyone else, and felt guilty for wanting a new purse that was marked down. 

Nobody should have to live this way. Nobody should be forced to feel this way. Our lives are important. So important that it is so easy to believe we do nothing because 99% of the time, things are running so smoothly that no one thinks about how we are doing. 

Of course a massive shopping spree or irresponsibilty is not the way. But, we deserve to be happy too. Thru all the pee, poop, puke, messy kitchens and juice on the carpet, we deserve to reward ourselves from time to time, and we deserve to be a part of things that make us happy. 

Now that I have begun to find myself again, I feel that I am a better and more patient mother. 

And for the significant others or other people in our lives, respect our role. We do it all. We do it out of love. Do not become complacent or lazy. We still need your help and we will take care of you just as well. 


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