One day

I know it has all been said in some fashion before, but I was just thinking about how life gradually morphs and flows. One day you will look back and smile about all those annoyances and situations that you no longer have. 

My middle daughter had come downstairs for the fourth time. 

One day, they will stay in their rooms for hours on end and not want your hugs and kisses and attention before bed. 

One day, they won’t need you to put their toothpaste on the brush, but rather they have brushed and flossed without needing to be reminded. 

One day, they won’t spill their milk and need you to clean it up, even after you told them to sit down before they spill their milk, at least a half dozen times. 

One day, they won’t need you to cut up their sandwich because the smaller parts are easier for their little hands to hold. 

One day, they will do all their laundry, mostly because they are afraid you might ruin their favorite shirt.

One day, there won’t be any Spongebob, Monster High or Dora on the tv. They will most likely be in another room, away from you talking to a friend on the phone.

One day, they won’t cry for you when they get hurt. They will go to a friend, significant other and someday down the line a spouse, instead.

One day, they won’t be calling you mummy, a hundred times an hour, excited about something or wanting something from you. They probably won’t be around much for you to even hear “mom”. 

One day, you won’t have to sit down and read with them, correcting every mistake along the way. You hope that they will find books that they can not put down and read on their own. 

One day, they just won’t need you. All this was just in one day. There are more. So many moments we take for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty as the next. Like I said, we will look back on these things and smile. Disruptions, annoyances, inconveniences what ever you want to call them, one day they will be gone. Replaced perhaps with something different or even something more difficult. I am a mom like all moms. At 830, I have had my fill. I want my day to wind down. But, as it winds down, you start to think about life, and how it is ever changing, and in the blink of an eye, you could miss something special. 

We all have good days and bad. The best remedy for a bad one, is knowing you are needed, no matter how rough it is. 


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