Pick my future career

I have never really known what I wanted to do. 

I started pre nursing once and gave up. I am no good at the maths and sciences. But, I love to help people. 

I was working on my paralegal degree, but I have lost interest. 

I excell in the English subjects, I am artisitc, creative, outgoing, a leader, hardworking, responsible and I like helping and working with people. 

After October 2018, I will no longer be receiving my alimony. Yes, I am riding that train at full speed until the end. I consider it severence pay from my previous employer. 

I want to start now figuring out what direction I am going to go in, and start schooling and stuff now. 

So, what suggestions do you have??? It doesn’t have to be like a 6 figure career, but something that pays decent so that I can support me and my girls. 


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