36 Today

Today I turn 36. I have officially rounded the bend to forty. *sigh*

Things have certainly changed since my last birthday. No longer married, but engaged to my soul mate. Living in a different home, driving a different car, my hair is much longer…My life is so much different. 

I was reminded in my timehop about this day also being the day my ex proposed to me. I also attended a funeral for my uncle this day a few days ago who had a heart attack while driving, and my ex’s grandfather tragically died the day before a few years ago from leaving the car running in the garage and being overcome with carbon monoxide. An old boyfriend, his dad died on my birthday from colon cancer. 

In 1993, we got a huge snow storm that ruined my 13th birthday party. 

Yikes, my birthday has seemed to suck throughout the years. 

I have so much more life to live, it is moving ahead now, and not dwelling on the past. Not just for my birthday, but every day. 

My middle daughter was born on St. Patricks day, and my youngest daughter was born a year and two days later, on March 19th. 

They, as well as my oldest are my greatest gifts. They are my life, my joy, and there is no birthday present I can be given that outweighs the love of my girls. 

So, as this day goes on just like any other day, I know that my family is the best gift ever. 


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