I hope it is genuine

One of the most important things I had hoped to accomplish with my ‘open letter’ post, was to reach my dad and family. 

I wanted them to know the truth. I wanted them to be able to understand. 

My dad personally replied to my post and it almost brought me to tears. 

I am a good person and I am human. We all make mistakes, but the past is the past, and the person I once was, is not who I am now. 

My personality is the same, but the moment I found out I was pregnant with my oldest is the moment I changed my life. 

I am super responsible now. I have to be, because my girls depend on me. I have to be because that is the right way. 

I wanted my family to know that even though I was a loose cannon growing up, that I am not that way now. My divorce was not about me regressing, but about me progressing. 

I hope that his words were genuine. I hope that he believes me and believes in me. That is all I ever wanted. His support, his concern, his care…I wanted a dad. 

I hate feeling like no matter what I do it is the wrong thing. I hate feeling like I am a disappointment. 

I have always been a complex person. But, I am also so very simple once you solve the riddle. I just want to be happy. 

I hope that everyone understands that. It is a very simple request. I hate that people had to get hurt along the way, but for me and my girls it was the best decision. 

I promise it will all be ok. I do not fail at that which I want to accomplish.  

(My dad and I a few years ago. The only recent pic I have)


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