This beautiful face

This beautiful face is the face of courage, strength, hope, love, positivity and the face of the battle with stage 4 melanoma. 

We all have our struggles, and to us in that moment they are the worst. 

My heart aches daily thinking about how there is nothing more than support and love that I can offer. 

Sometimes our world gets turned upside down before we even see it coming. This girl has faced her attacker head on, and from that I have learned to do the same. When the fight is wholesome, it is worth it. 

We need to believe that no matter how dark the skies get, that it was meant to be. To strengthen us where we are weak, to open our eyes where they were closed, to open our hearts, to not give up. 

Let us be the sunshine that breaks through the clouds from time to time. 

Love and support is sometimes all that somebody needs. An ear to listen, arms to meet an embrace. Compassion and understanding. 

We can not always solve the problem. 

I have learned that the best solution is to keep moving forward. Plan your strategies and hope for the best. Enjoy all the moments that you have. 

I love you Amy, and I am happy to have you a part of my life. 


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