My name is Melanie. I will be 36 years old in 6 days. I have three beautiful young girls. They are my universe and nobody or nothing can ever change that. I am a recent new statistic. I went through a divorce, and honestly, even after all the papers are drafted, signed and filed, the trials and tribulations never end.

I have always found that writing is therapeutic for me. This blog serves as my outlet for everything that is swirling through my head that I need to get out. Not just about divorce and my girls, but everything.

Many of my experiences, thoughts and life lessons could be stuff that other people can relate to. I have so much to share from my daily struggles and triumphs, and I hope that others can allow me to freely express myself herein.

I am extremely independent, strong willed and often times a hard pill to swallow, but I am real. I tell it like it is. I have not come here to be judged, but rather be heard. I am human like everybody else. Don’t label me before you know me.

With that being said, just know my words are my heart and soul. So be kind, it takes bravery to open up and share it with you.


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